Melbourne Bellydance Troupe Ianessa Safiya

Bellydance Classes

Wednesdays – Belgrave

Open Level*  7:45 – 9pm 

Term Three (10 wks) $150 starts 16th July   Casual Class $25

 *Students of all ages welcome! 

Ianessas’ Bellydance Classes are $15 per class if you pre-pay for your full-term course prior to commencement.  Courses are held concurrently with school terms.  One-off Casual Class is $25.
Footwear is optional.  If you prefer to wear something on your feet,  dance shoes or lightweight slip-on shoes are suitable.
You don’t  need to purchase any specific clothing to learn bellydance.  Just wear something you’ll be comfortable to move in,  eg: leggings, yoga pants, long skirts, stretchy tops, etc.  
Veils are supplied for use in class.  Coin scarves and veils are available to purchase in class at a discounted rate.

Open Level – Foundational  

Classes cover essential foundational technique required to build good bellydance practice.  The focus is on posture, basic belly dance movements and strengthening work,  incorporating fitness and choreography.  Developing coordination by layering technique, creating smooth transitions between movements by building awareness of weight transfer through travelling techniques, combinations.  Both veil and zill technique are introduced at this level.

Essential for students new to belly dance, ideal for those returning to classes and for students of all levels wanting to lay a solid foundation to support more complex movements and combinations explored in other levels.

Ianessa’s teaching style

Ianessa’s straightforward, fun teaching style is influenced by 25 years as a student of dance, ongoing study with Egyptian masters of bellydance on her regular visits to Egypt, and her love of sharing knowledge and inspiring others to enjoy life through exploring their passions, to be the best they can be.  Her students are supported, challenged and inspired to go beyond their own personal limitations, to learn and perfect technique and to find & express themselves and their passion through the dance.  

Ianessa holds a Certificate in Safe Dance Teaching specialising in Middle Eastern Dance (QUT).